Night, after the end of the day's hustle and bustle, quiet down, accompanied by the faint light of the distant street lamp. The wind, without warning, swept the whole wilderness, stirring people's thoughts. Stars, far away in the sky, shining with its tiny starlight, not as bright as the sun but as infatuated as flowers. ——Inscription If you want to change your intoxication into sadness, don't break your heart in the song. How many despairs and sorrows are there in this chaotic world. You want to be a brave man, for love, for faith, a vigorous struggle. You are full of incomparable spirit and light. You have the talent and reputation comparable with great people. You are such a proud and lonely man. Your one inch crazy heart has not said that it has rained several times in the evening. Once thought that the people who love each other must be together, only together, emotion can last. However, this shore and the other shore are just the space gap, but they can not lengthen the distance of the soul. Time flies, time is silent. The days flow quietly like a trickle of water, and only time flows from your side. What precipitates is the happiness and happiness, warmth and warmth that accompany you all the way. For me, in this withered autumn, I feel poetic. I just want to do one thing, pick up a piece of red maple leaf, and carve my heart words gently. Faith is the eternal theme of my life! Then, send it to the city where you are. From then on, in my heart, in my life, gently hold the warmth you promised, quietly on the other side of the years, waiting for you forever!